An Addiction to Green Tea

I have become addicted to green tea! However, it’s not because of the caffeine. It’s like having a cup of pure joy. It warms me up during these cold months with a light grassy aroma and fresh flavor.

Of course I’m not talking about Lipton’s or any other brand you would buy at the local supermarket either. The tea in those little innocent-looking tea bags is nothing short of undrinkable. That may sound quite snobbish, but it is true. If you buy green tea and the leaves are not green, then it has oxidized. The only tea that should be oxidized is black tea. Oxidation gives tea a slightly bitter or astringent taste, which is fine as long as it is intentional.

Loose Leaf Green Tea

Organic Kabusecha Green Tea

I have been ordering my tea straight from the source, Japan. I usually find a better bargain with loose leaf teas instead of those in filter bags. The price, while higher than store-bought, is definitely worth it. I have previously ordered higher priced tea, in the $30 per 100 gram range and found almost no noticeable difference in taste to some of the cheaper $12 varieties. My point: go with the cheaper tea. The cheapest tea will still beat out anything you can get in a grocery store or Asian market.

The tea in the picture is an organic kabusecha from O-Cha. Note: cha is Japanese for tea. The site is a little amateurish, but I have never been disappointed by their service or quality of goods. But don’t feel the need to limit yourself to one site, shop around.


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