I Was Looking for a Change

The Reminder by Feist

The Reminder by Feist (2007)

I bought this album some time ago as a change of pace to what I had been listening and perhaps to broaden my range. I was trying to step away from the electronic and fast-paced rock-style albums.  The Reminder is similar to the works of artists like Adele and Sondre Lerche. The album is a nice balance of fast-paced and slow songs with each track having a coherent, yet distinctive, sound. Many of the tracks rely on the soft sounds of the acoustic guitar and piano accompanied by Feist’s breathy, yet fierce vocals to portray a sense of longing, love, vulnerability, and strength.

My favorite track on this album is the duet “How My Heart Behaves” with Eirik Glambek Bøe. A close second is “The Limit to Your Love.” “The Water” is a somber track which sounds endlessly deep, as if you could drown in it. “Sealion” is based on an American folk and children’s playground song; it is quite upbeat and catchy as it describes a less than reputable woman. There really aren’t any tracks on this album I hate or find unsatisfactory; in fact, despite being an older album I think it still holds up to current trends.

View The Reminder on Amazon.


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