Revisiting the Classical – Rachmaninov

Music for Two Pianos by Rachmaninov

Music for Two Pianos (1995)
A Collection of Works by Rachmaninov

I first started paying more attention to Rachmaninov’s works when I heard Études-tableaux op.33 No. 4 in D minor in college. Ever since, he has become one of my favorite classical composers. His works have a grandiose sound with playful high tones and powerful low tones.

This is a two disc set and the first disc is by far my favorite. Disc one contains Suite No. 1 for Two Pianos op. 5, Suite No. 2 for Two Pianos op. 17, and Études-tableaux op. 33. I love listening to this on a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of coffee or tea. I will admit it’s not the most cheerful music, but it’s beautiful. It always conjures up imagery of overcast skies. I can almost hear the rain drops fall as thunder rumbles in the distance, yet there are times the sun tries to peek through.

I can’t comment on other recordings of the same work, but nothing about the playing style of Vladimir Ashkenazy or André Previn is terrible. The two pianists complement each other quite well; the recording is crisp, clear, and played with emotion. I would definitely recommend these discs to anyone who enjoys classical music, especially piano works.

View Rachmaninov: Music for 2 Pianos on Amazon.


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