Revisiting the Classical – Satie

Satie: Works for Piano

Works for Piano by Aldo Ciccolini and Gabriel Tacchino (2003)
Composed by Satie

If I remember correctly, I purchased this CD when I finally learned who composed the first track. A song without lyrics isn’t always the easiest to find information about. The first track, Gymnopédie no. 1, is quite well-known and played as background music in many movies and commercials; so I would hear it every once in a while. However, the epiphany came when I heard a friend play it on the piano. It’s not often I purchase a disc for a single song, but I would argue that the first Gymnopédie is probably one of the saddest and most beautiful pieces ever written.

The Trois Gymnopédies and Six Gnossiennes are my favorites on the disc. The remaining tracks have a few good songs, but for the most part I find them too internally discordant. Some tracks sound more like random note-playing and key-banging when I would prefer more melody. I like music to elicit some sort of emotional response or convey a sense of mood, which most of the later tracks fail to do. I would recommend this disc simply for the first nine tracks and the later tracks, while not for everyone, do have some merit for those who enjoy Satie’s style.

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