Say Goodbye, Not Hello…to Jello Pudding

I grew up on Jello brand pudding. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with it, other than you pay the price of convenience and consistency (in flavor). Like any other brand name prepackaged food item, marketing has reinforced the idea that it’s easier to buy their product than to make something from scratch. But why pay extra for something when you probably already have the raw ingredients? And really where’s the convenience? Believe me, you aren’t going to save much time by opening a box of pudding mix versus measuring out the individual ingredients (at least not for chocolate or vanilla). Measuring out ingredients might set you back a whole two minutes. Can’t afford two minutes? Might I recommend a cup of chamomile tea to relieve your stress instead.

However, if you choose to pursue the path to chocolate bliss (I won’t blame you), this pudding recipe is where to start. The pervasiveness of this recipe, and similar variations on the Internet, demonstrates its simplicity. It’s not difficult to make and tastes better than prepackaged varieties. Plus you can control what goes into it, adjusting quantities to fit your tastes. Don’t want chocolate pudding, then don’t add the cocoa and maybe add a splash more vanilla. Once you get the hang of it, branch out to other flavors like banana cream, lemon, or butterscotch.


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